Michelle Williams appointed CSR Manager



SGEF reinforces its commitment to CSR to leave a positive and lasting legacy for future generations

We are delighted to announce that Michelle Williams has joined the UK team as its first dedicated CSR Manager. Michelle comes with 10 years’ CSR experience and will focus on enhancing the company’s education and training programmes in the local community, improving diversity & inclusion in the finance sector, and will work with its Green energy team on SGEF’s sustainability goals.

This new role reinforces SGEF’s strategy and commitment to leaving a positive and lasting legacy for future generations; whether that’s by advocating for the employment of marginalised groups, training young people for the workforce or lowering its carbon footprint. CSR is embedded in SGEF UK’s culture and is at the heart of its company’s values, which will only be strengthened by committing extra resource and effort in this area.

Here at SGEF, we feel a great responsibility towards ensuring that both us a business and our employees play a part in raising local educational aspirations, improving employability prospects and developing stronger community links through our CSR programmes. As a Group, we’re committed to building a more sustainable future together with our clients and partners and in our own working practices. We’re excited to be on this CSR journey and to be making a difference.” said Dominic Hughes, Managing Director, SGEF UK.

For more information, please contact michelle.williams@sgef.co.uk