Corporate Social Responsibility

Societe Generale Equipment Finance is committed to supporting communities and programmes that have a positive social impact

As part of the Societe Generale Group, Societe Generale Equipment Finance UK Ltd (SGEF) is committed to having a positive impact on our local communities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in our culture and is at the heart of our company’s values.

Our charitable giving and volunteering programmes aim to raise educational aspirations, improve employability prospects and build stronger communities. As well as having a positive impact locally, our programmes provide benefit to our staff and the Group as a whole.

Charitable Giving

We support the Group's Charity of the Year programme, Shelter, which defends the right for people in the UK to have a safe home. 

SGEF organises a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, from sporting challenges to company raffles. 


We have a Group wide policy of 24 hours per year of volunteering time accessible for all employees. Employees can use this to undertake their own personal volunteering, or to access the range of programmes organised by Societe Generale.  

There are opportunities for employees at all levels to engage in, for example enterprise and business planning workshops, primary school tutoring, adult literacy sessions, mentoring and trusteeships. The SG Group works with people from our neighbouring communities including  disadvantaged young people, residents, charities, social enterprises and schools. 

Recognising the training potential that volunteering provides, Societe Generale has created a personal development tool that enables employees to select volunteering opportunities which enhance their skills, complementing traditional training and their annual performance objectives.

The Societe Generale UK Group

As a Group, we are proud to have achieved some significant successes.

If you would like more information about CSR within the SG UK Group, please click here