Who we are 

 Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) is a global leader and an award-winning funder for the provision of vendor finance for businesses. Since the early 1990’s SGEF has gained a wealth of experience in the provision of financial solutions with a proven history of delivering high service levels in equipment leasing to all our partners, be they manufacturers, dealers or brokers, as well as to our end-user customers. We have amassed broad and deep specialist industry knowledge and expertise in structuring financial solutions for IT infrastructure, software solutions and healthcare equipment, to meet a variety of private and public sector requirements. As the ways in which technology solutions are delivered have changed, we have developed innovative ways to offer our partners funding solutions for a broad range of service, hardware, license and subscription-based products. We provide our manufacturer, dealer, and intermediary partners with the know-how and financial structuring necessary to offer attractive, compliant and fair financial solutions to their customers.                                                                                      

Supporting growth

We work to industry best practices in both the private and public sectors and our dedicated team of industry-experienced individuals with specialist knowledge understand the demands and needs of the technology and healthcare environments.

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We have a wide range of flexible finance products available within this market sector:

Finance Lease:
Hire Purchase:
Funded service contracts:
Operating Lease:
Software Lease:
Software Payment Plan (Loan):

Ideal for businesses needing the use of technology for a period of time, but not wanting to own it.

Suitable for businesses waning to own the equipment after a fixed period of time.

Gives your customer the ability to embed regular financing payments in their service contracts. Adaptable to support SaaS, IaaS and other service, license or subscription based products.

Useful for businesses or state-funded schools, helping them to meet their educational funding requirements.

Enables customers to finance software solutions over a fixed period.

Provides a simple payment plan for subscription and term licenses based software products.

All our financial solutions are flexible, offering your customers the payment structures and terms that best suit their financial needs, including alignment with cost savings and tailored repayment profiles if required.

Contact details

Vendor Programmes 
Vincenzo Scalzone

Head of Vendor Programmes
Technology & Structured Finance 
+44 (0)7771 333768

Broker & Small Ticket
Alison Hawke-Jolly

Head of Broker and Flow Channel
Technology and Medical
+44 (0)7384 872175

Our technology portfolio is mainly focused on providing funding for sales finance programmes with manufacturers, specialist distributors and service providers.

Our finance offerings are especially suited for partners providing solutions in IT: data storage, PC’s, tablets, hardware, software, peripherals

With over 25 years’ continuous experience in the technology finance marketplace, we can offer a deep understanding of your sales processes, routes to market and what is required to make a finance programme effective and embedded in your business.

We have a number of international technology vendor partners with whom we have worked and supported for 20 years.  Our ability to support your customer finance programmes covers a range of transactional sizes, from small ticket programmes with individual deals sizes as small as £5k up to individual transactions of £20m+.

We can deliver solutions directly to your customers, re-finance your own branded offer and also provide non-recourse equipment finance solutions for your managed service contracts.