Welcome to SGEF UK

In the UK, Societe Generale Equipment Finance is one of the leading equipment and vendor finance companies offering innovative finance products and services to all types of businesses operating in the public and private sectors.  We have a comprehensive range of financial solutions available, including: finance and operating leases; hire purchase; assignment of receivables; sale and lease/HP back, and business loans.  We also offer stocking facilities to support the growth and development of our Vendors and Customers.

Since our start up in 1991 we have built up a vast amount of industry, product and asset knowledge within the Agriculture, Transportation, Industrial, Construction, High Technology and Medical market sectors which is where we offer our specialist financing. 

Our sound market and industry experience enables us to support businesses investing in all types of equipment and offer funding programmes to our Vendor partners in order to support and increase the sale of their products through a finance offering.

Our goal is to become the first point of reference for Vendors and Customers in the UK, delivered through consistent customer focus, innovation and professionalism.

We are part of the international network of Societe Generale Equipment Finance who is able to support our Vendor partners in 31 countries around the world.  Societe Generale Equipment Finance is a worldwide leader and long term partner for international equipment manufacturers and distributors.