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Who we are

Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) is a global leader and award-winning funder for the provision of vendor and equipment finance for business. Since the early 1990’s SGEF has established a proven history of delivering high service levels in equipment leasing to all our partners: manufacturers, dealers or brokers, as well as to our end-user customers. We have a dedicated team of industry-experienced individuals with specialist knowledge who understand the demands and needs of the industrial world. Our team can provide as much help and support as needed with any transport, industrial and construction leasing enquiries to offer your customers a financial solution that brings
added value and differentiates your equipment offering.                                                                                      

Supporting growth

As part of our transport, industrial and construction equipment finance offering, SGEF offers flexible financial solutions for any type of new or used asset that is used for business purposes within the transport, industrial and construction environments. Our dedicated team are specialists in creating repayment solutions designed to reduce cash flow pressures. We can support you to obtain cash flow funding for all your equipment purchases and will work with you to make the process as simple as possible. 

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We have a wide range of flexible finance products available within this market sector:

Contract Hire:
Operating Lease:
Hire purchase:
Finance lease:
Sale and Lease Back:
Stocking Finance:

Best suited for businesses where the equipment needs to be managed and maintained within one lease contract. The asset cost along with a repair and maintenance contract can be combined into a single payment due at regular intervals. The future value of the equipment will be recognised, thus reducing payments.

Ideal for business customers looking to acquire equipment on a relatively short-term basis.

Ideal for business customers wanting to own the asset at the end of the finance period. VAT is payable in full up-front.

Best suited for business customers not wanting to own the asset but needing to have the ‘use’ of it for a fixed period of time. VAT is payable on each rental payment.    

Available for businesses wanting to inject cash back into their business from recently bought assets.

Allowing you to finance your new stock, demonstration equipment and any used equipment you take back as part of a trade-in.

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Nick Levey
Head of Transport, Industrial & Construction
+44 (0)7901 102591